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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  February 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and we pay three to two on blackjack. it all adds up to big fun at cache creek casino resort. play here. play the best. prosperity begins with the year of fortune at cache creek with an $8,888 winner every saturday and sunday at 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. plus, on february 17th at 9:00 p.m., someone will win a brand new lexus. it's the year of fortune, only at cache creek. burns in a san francisco neighborhood for more than two hours. an update on our breaking news at 5:30, a gas explosion ignited a fire that burns in a san francisco neighborhood for more than two hours sending the residents running for their lives an prompting evacuations. good evening to you, i'm alan martin. >> and i'm veronica derah cruz. it -- del la cruz. >> it happened in an area that is a mix of apartments and
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businesses. we're live at the scene. andrea? >> reporter: the flames burned for about two hours and 15 minutes. they're out at? point. you can see multiple pg&e trucks out on scene. that gas main that was punctured sent a fireball into the air for about two hours and 15 minutes straight. it was several stories high. now, we're told that there is a crew that was digging for fiberoptics a the time on a verizon permit. it was a third-party contractor. it was dig ing into a fiberoptic line at the time when this fire began. as you can see, it took quite some time to put this fire out. here is what pacific gas and electric has to say about the length of time it took to get that gas main shut off. >> we needed to go slow. we needed to put together a plan first, and then slowly, methodically hand dig to get to point where is we could shut off valves or pinch lines to
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shut off service. >> reporter: now, if you are listening to that, think about it for a hot second. 24 inches is the state law. if there is a gas law within 24 inches, they have to dig by hand through asphalt. it is not an easy task. multiple pg&e crews are out here now. we know that five buildings have been damaged. they're ail missioned use, building -- mixed use, buildings are commercial on the bottom and residential top floors of those buildings here at the corner of geary and parker. there are multiple people displaced. it will be a very, very long night out here. the city of san francisco is scrambling to figure out where to put people. >> live for us there in san francisco. we appreciate it. thank you. thank you for the received these pictures. patients and staff of a medical clinic being evacuated near that fire zone and taken to a safe spot. and let's take another live look at the scene. you can see the mess being left behind. we're talking street closures
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on geary. those will last overnight. houstony is having to reroute that is until further notice. our yous are still following development tons story, including the efforts to count the number of people impacted by both the explosion and the fire. also questions for pg&e about its response. our coverage continues ahead on the kpix 5 news at 6:00 and 7:00. the mir of couper teeno is -- cupertino cupertino is being called out for his comments during the state of the mayor speech. he said they should build a wall. >> the mayor made the comment in jest, but not many people are laughing about it, are they? >> reporter: well, not anymore, they're not. it did draw some laughter when the mayor said it here at couper teeno city hall, but it
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has been pretty much criticism since then from people on both sides of the city limits. >> to mayor sharp. >> reporter: it was mayor sharp's first state of the city speech in which he he promised to shorten city council meetings an fix traffic problems tburks speech will mostly be remembered for this. >> and you have heard about the wall along our southern border. this is the wall around couper teeno. we came up with this proposal. san jose will be mainly paying for it. so it is not -- not going to come out of our own taxes. >> reporter: the joke landed with a thud at san jose city hall ouncmembwe ug whenthey poed pht barriers around communities, whether it is a wall along our southern border with mexico or a wall in between cities is just not a good idea. >> reporter: similar comments could be heard at couper teeno city hall.
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>> it is ridiculous. and because i think it is a friendly -- friendly city, it is no border. >> reporter: the border wall reference come as at time of tension between couper teeno and san jose. couper teeno accuses its big neighbor of building large projects on its doorstep leaving couper teeno with more traffic and san jose accuses couper teeno of not doing its fair share of building affordable housing. >> you can't wall yourself off from these issues. these issues are all of our problems and every community has a homeless problem. >> the mayor did not return e- mails or phone calls, but one of the mayor's supporters say the comments are being taken out of con tenges. >> i'm sure he wishes that he wouldn't have said it given the fact that it is not -- it has not been taken as maybe it was given. >> reporter: the mayor did not comment but he did get back to the mercury news where he was
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unapologetic for the comments and said his critics are using this an as an opportunity to, quote, bash couper teeno. kpix 5. new mexico's governor is taking a stand against president trump's border security demands. governor grisham ordered more than 100 national guard troops to withdraw from new mexico's border that . that is after president trump ordered them. grisham is leaving about a dozen in place to help with humanitarian needs. >> i think the president should lead by not -- by removing himself from this political, angry, waste of rhetoric. nothing more than a dog whistle. and he should come in and help us with real border security. >> grisham visited the southern border last month to assess the security threat. she later said there was no crises there. the suspect accused of kidnapping the wisconsin teen jayme closs has been ordered to stand trial. wearing an orange jump suit,
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jake patterson appeared before a judge today. the 21-year-old is accused of fatally shooting james and denise closs in their home on october 15th and then abducting their 13-year-old daughter jayme. patterson has not entered a plea, but the investigators say he confessed during questioning. and recent storms left the ground saturated or soft and that means many trees have fallen over. we're in lafayette where a massive oak tree hit a school. >> reporter: it was early this morning when the folks arrived here at the church in lafayette when they discovered a nearly 100-year-old oak tree had fallen over on to one of their buildings. some time during the night the arborists say the tree slowly the ned other into the school church school must have a guardian angel. >> and a big valley oak fell over and landed on the roof with actually -- it broke one gas line and they were
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fortunately quick enough to shut it off quickly and very little damage. >> reporter: these folks specialize in dealing with big trees. this one nearly 40-inches in die am tick demands slow, careful, coordinated steps. the trunk is several tons as it is cut away. and hoisted by crane over the building. shortly after that, the reason the massive tree fell is revealed. rotten roots sitting in rain softened soil. the tree service companies across northern california are swamped with calls. >> they are running scared and they're doing a lot of special trimming around power lines and easements and that is keeping our guys busy and then they have the fire clean-up in paradise and santa rosa and all of this and the regular guys here are super busy bus of the extra emergency work. >> reporter: later this week another round of storm also hit us. in la fayette, kpix 5. and with each storm, the river is washing away more and
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more of its muddy banks and it is getting close to river road. the sonoma county supervisors approved an emergency repair estimated at $250,000 yesterday. if the river wipes out the road, about 400 residents of alexander valley would with be cut off to the connection to high bey 128. >> we're not trying to wait for something to be a problem and then g and get fema to give us $10 million in a multi-year effort to fix it. this is our attempt to try to do everything we can. >> there has been a three-foot- loss along the river bank during the january 17th rainstorm exposing it to further erosion. last weekend a lighter storm swept away another two feet. work will begin in two weeks to shore up the bank t. a cub scout take as stand by taking a knee during the pledge of allegiance. why the young boy says he took the colin kaepernick approach during the city council meeting. caught on camera, a woman goes into labor while home
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alone and has no choice but to deliver the baby by herself.
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do you think this is fun for me? you think i'm having fun? [man on other line] it certainly wasn't much fun to..... do you have eyes on the target? is it her? [man on other line] i can't tell from this photos... ...i need better shots. thank you for flying turkish airlines. taxi! you waiting for someone? no. just... looking. the live news desk, i want to take you down to fort worth, texas. look at that guy. he is hanging six floors up from some emergency gear. he was not hurt. why is he up there? because the construction elevator that he was working on gave way and fell to the street taking out some scaffolding as well. you can see the scene there on the downtown section on that
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renovation. three people hurt, including one woman who was walking by on the ground. she was hit with some debris and is reportedly in critical but stable condition tonight. bystanders say there was a loud roar and the entire structure gave way. the guy hanging from the harness was okay. that is the latest from fort worth, texas. back to you guys. >> that is amazing. thank you. the bay area man who earned the nickname the teddy bear bandit is now behind bars. this man, 46-year-old andre murphy was arrested at his home in oakland last thursday. the investigators say he is the one behind a string of commercial burglaries across the peninsula, including several women's boutiques, liquor stores and restaurants. the break-ins happened between september and december of last year. detectives dubbed murphy the teddy bear bandit after he allegedly broke into a flower shop last object and stole teddy bears. a new push at the state
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capitol to allow state workers to bring their infants to work with them. the bill was introduced this week and, if passed, the state workers would be able to have more parent-infant bonding time at work. the babies would need to be between the ages of six weeks and six months or until the infant is crawling, which ever is earlier. and must get medical clearance from a physician and a surgeon. >> i think it would be distracting. >> there are so many little things like breast feeding and crying. >> it seems like it would be a lot of culture changes. >> in the past a similar bill did not advance through the legislature. all right. one 10-year-old cub scout is taking a stand after kneeling in protest during a pledge of allegiance. the video shows liam holmes drop down on one knee during a city council meeting in north carolina. durham city leaders had invited the cub scout pack to a meating -- meeting on monday night. >> what i did was take a knee against racial discrimination,
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which is basically what people are -- are when people are being mean to people of different colors. >> when he did it i was surprised and really proud of them. >> liam's dad said they spoke about it beforehand but he was not sure his son would follow through. the durham's mayor said they would allow and appreciate all expressions, but not everybody felt that way. >> part of the scout oath is to guide in your -- to god and your country and i understand people have the right of freedom of speech. i just don't understand why it has to be during the pledge of allegiance. >> despite the critics, the 10- year-old liam says the mayor also thanked him afterwards. governor gavin newsom has been spotted in a tom brady jersey. he was being a good sport making good on a bet. today he served lune top the homeless at the sacramento food kitchen. newsom made a little wager with massachusetts governor charlie baker. the governor of the losing team had to do some community service, obviously gavin newsom lost the bet with the patriots'
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victory on sunday. he wore that jersey to show it. he is being a good sport indeed. >> a good sport, for sure. the grammys return sunday to cbs, but already there is a big change. >> women are dominating in every major category, including our own gaby wilson. and she is up for five grammys. >> i don't really have the words for it, but i definitely feel like, wow, i am exactly where i am supposed to be. >> her nominations include best new artist and album of the year. the already budging list of performers on music's biggest night just got even bigger. the recording academy has added lady ga ga, and others to the lineup. event organizers are also adding a tribute to aretha franklin. the performers honoring the queen of soul include fan tas i can't and day. our coverage begins at 4:00 on
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the red carpet and at 5:00 the grammy show begins followed by an encore performance and then our late night knews with all of the late details. and we will be on the red carpet and behind the scenes in los angeles on sunday night with live reports on social media, that is facebook, twitter and instagram. and so vallejo has her and we have you. >> not not named for a grammy. and for thousands of reasons why. we are nominating the sunset for top five of the year. other the water right now as the sun sets. we have a beautiful picture there over the tower. there is some cloud core out there. we did get warmer today, napa, fremont, 56. san jose, 55. san francisco is 54. redwood city is 53. the warm spot is oakland, 58 degrees. the radar is clear. we'll stay clear until friday morning that is when rain is going to return. i'll show you why. two things i want to point out on this map. one, notice the arrows.
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i am kind of showing you the storm track. we try to draw that in on a daily basis, because it changes and has a profound impact on the weather. you have been feeling it throughout the day. it has been below average and it will stay that way for a while. all long-range computer models keep our sources there, coming down from the north, for the next two weeks, into the last week of february. this is going to be a chilly positive for us. we may not see 60 degrees that often. now, the storms hopping along that storm track. the answer is yes. one will move down to the bay area by friday morning. tomorrow morning, you'll wake up cold, and you wake up with some sunshine. we'll see increasing cloud cover. much like today, a build up in tach. friday morning, wet for the morning commute. this is auto change. we thought about lunchtime for the rain yesterday. as we get closer to tee vent, the information gets better and newer, and the new information says rain friday morning, impacting the morning commute. scattered showers are on-and- off rainfall for friday evening commute. behind that system, we often
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get a trailing area of low pressure and we will this time which will keep the rain chance elevated in the form of widely scattered showers. and then sunday night here comes another storm, and i don't think we're going to see snow levels down to 1,000 feet, but 2,000 feet is not out of the question, and mount hamilton may see another round of snow showers or snow coming up sunday night into monday. all of us will get some rainfall. so we're chilly again tonight. take a look at the overnight lows. they are going to be brisk. we're talking upper 20s to low 30s in our inland valleys. in the city, right at the freezing mark. san jose, 35. but not everybody lives in the city. outside the city, less of a heat island effect. you make it to the upper 20s. the sun and cloud mixed tomorrow. we get rain on friday and then we're unsettled for the weekend. below average, by seven degrees in san francisco. it should be 59 tomorrow. only 52. couper teeno -- cupertino 54. partly sunny in danville and
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fairfield. pleasanton, 54. 51 for daley city. 55 tomorrow in oakland. only 48 for a high tomorrow in clear lake. the extended forecast brings the rain back friday morning. obvious and off rain throughout the day. scattered showers saturday. more light to moderate rainfall late sunday. and once that pattern breaks we get drier, but we don't get warmer every day for the next seven we will only be in the 50s for highs. that is your forecast. >> all righting paul. she has shared the stage with legendary artists. how our jefferson award winner is passing on her passion for music to thousands of bay area kids.
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marvin gaye, ray charles. and she's also shared her love of musicâ and music h jo a bay area woman has shared the stage with a ledge, marvin gaye, ray charles. >> big names, big talent. she has also shared her love of music and music history with bay area children for decades. it is that passion for keeping the music and its roots alive that makes her this week's jefferson award winner. [ music ] >> gospel, r&b, jazz, the blues, for decades faith carol has been inspiring children to love and learn the music she is so passionate about. >> i want them to know about duke ellington, count basey, ela fitzgerald. i want them to know where ray charles came from. [ music ] >> she said she was worn to sing. it dawned on her as a young girl in mississippi when her
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grandmother would take her to the beauty salon. >> and when you got under the hair dryer, you couldn't tell you were singing loud. >> because of the hair dryer is so loud. >> and whenever i would come up under the hair dryer, they would be giving me money. >> for nearly 20 years, he ran an after school music program called music in the community. they taught thousands of east bay children, helping them understand how today's young stars trace their musical heritage through the decades. >> actually, if you like michael jackson, he liked james brown and james brown liked count basie, and we could be going on like that. [ music ] >> today through a grant through the city of oakland's cultural funding program, another 600 middle schoolchildren are attending her black music through the ages concert in oakland. >> i thought the music was good. >> and she teaches us how to be right-field lineful to others.
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>> we will learn things out of the songs. >> for faye, she feeds off the children's energy, and the fact that kids she has taught are now bringing their own students to listen and learn. >> this music will live on in infamy. it will just go on and on and on. >> so for teaching the history of blass music to children in the bay area, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to faith carol. >> faye carol has run as teaching program called school of the get down because she says anyone who knows her likes to get down! >> she also called me cute! you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson on >> a woman goes into labor while home alone. how she managed to deliver the baby all by herself.
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when she went into labor last week. she ended up delivering her baby girl --- *all by herself. melissa dawson/new m pain and oh my a new jersey mom was home alone when she went into labor last week. >> she ended up deliver delivering her baby girl all by herself. >> and i got a sharp pain and oh, my gosh. the baby is coming. another sharp pain o, my gosh. i feel the head. another sharp pain. oh, my gosh! there is a baby on the floor! literally that quick. >> wow. her husband was on the phone with her while he was dropping off their 2-year-old at the in- laws, but by the time he got back the baby was already born. >> and she is stronger than i could have ever have imagined,
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and this whole experience just taught me to lover and respect and cherish my wife, so beautiful. both mom and daughter are doing well and the baby is named bria bell which apparently means strong beauty. she said her labor lasted all of 907 seconds that was it. >> good thing it was quick. >> that is going to do it for the news at 5:00. >> kpix news at 6:00 begins now with elizabeth cook and ken ba didda. >> breaking news out of san francisco. a gas line explosion ignite asthmassive fire and sends people running for cover. >> the flames just shot straight up in the air, probably 20, 30 feet up in the air. it was crazy. >> dozens forced to evacuate as flames spread to five buildings. why it took so long to stop the flow of gas.
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>> good afternoon. >> the fire scene is still a mess at this hour. the chopper is over the scene on geary street now and it is where a work crew hit a natural gas line. the resulting fire raged for more than two hours damaging several buildings. >> this is what it looked like. one resident in the neighborhood, seconds after the gas ignited and intense torch like flames shooting 20 to 30 feet into the air. it happened in a neighborhood of apartments and businesses along geary boulevard at parker avenue. >> here is how this emergency played out this afternoon. the first report of the explosion comes in at about 1:18:00 p.m. the gas line was not capped until 3:36:00 p.m. the flames burned for two hours an 18 minutes. we have team coverage on the explosion and the evacuation that followed. we begin with kpix 5's julie watts who is live near the scene. julie? >> reporter: it was a chaotic


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